Director Letter

“Faculty, students, post-docs and staff from 134 other nations join us here because they love our mission, our values and our community. And – as I have – a great many stay in this country for life, repaying the American promise of freedom with their energy and their ideas. Together, through teaching, research and innovation, MIT's magnificently global, absolutely American community pursues its mission of service to the nation and the world.”

-L. Rafael Reif, President of MIT on the January 27 Executive Order on immigration which barred several members of the MIT community from the US.

Dear Friend of OCW,

Openness is at the core of MIT’s mission – to advance knowledge and educate students, and to bring knowledge to bear on the world's great challenges for the betterment of humankind. OCW is a powerful expression of open sharing. We are proud to demonstrate that open and free exchange of knowledge is a transformative public good that benefits the lives of millions around the world.

In a time when bans, walls, ignorance and hate dominate the news, we must celebrate and support openness and its inherent freedoms – to learn, share, and believe freely. OCW welcomes anyone and everyone to use our educational resources.

The Impact of Open

We are continually amazed to learn about the far reaching effects of open through the thousands of emails from learners who tell us how OCW has helped them achieve their goals:

In the most recent OCW user survey, learners have told us that OCW has had significant impact on teaching and learning:

  • Of educators using the site to improve their personal knowledge, 85% say OCW has improved their motivation to teach and 96% improved their motivation to learn
  • 94% of students complementing their course materials say OCW improved their understanding of concepts covered
  • 92% of independent learners using the site to plan a return to school say the site has increased their confidence of success
  • 94% of professionals using the site to support work-related tasks say OCW helped them learn new skills, techniques or perspectives.

The Next Steps for OCW

Your feedback and the growing use of OCW drive us to continuously improve our work and deliver high-quality, in-depth and rich MIT course materials. You can rely on OCW to keep sharing openly and freely. We hope we can count on you to keep using, visiting, and sharing OCW with everyone you know, especially to ensure the next generation of learners can enjoy these resources.

We’ll be launching our Spring fundraising campaign next month. When we call on you, we hope you will support the ideals of open that clearly prove open sharing benefits everyone, no matter their social or political standing.

Cecilia d'Oliveira

Associate Dean of Digital Learning

MIT OpenCourseWare