4.1 New Firms, New Jobs, New Technology, and the Future of Work

In the video below, Postdoctoral Fellow John McCarthy talks about new, technology-mediated work arrangements like Uber and TaskRabbit.com.

For some, these new work arrangements offer considerable flexibility and a departure from routine, boring work. However, workers in these arrangements are essentially freelancers, and thus they suffer challenges common to most freelance workers. 

Video: Emerging Forms of Work

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Attentiveness Question

According to the video, what was a downside of working at many corporations during the 1950s?

Exercise 1


Corporations in the 1950s were intellectually and behaviorally conformist. There were steep pay inequalities based on race and gender, and white men were almost exclusively in charge. Although many of these problems persist today, pay gaps are decreasing, more women are in leadership roles, and more and more companies encourage creativity and individual expression.